As an active and established top three stakeholder in the set-top box market, we have been successfully defining and delivering set-top box products and solutions for over 20 years. We draw on our experience and expertise to select and recommend the advanced technology that best answers our customers’ needs.


To meet your business objectives, Technicolor offers a comprehensive portfolio of IP set-top boxes that enables the personal and differentiated video experience via the decoding, decrypting and displaying of media content. Our IP set-top boxes range from High Definition (HD) receivers that can securely distribute content, to powerful premium 4K Ultra HD Digital Video Recorders (DVR) with multi-room capabilities and wireless options. Our flexible architecture based on open standards enables support of a wide range of middleware solutions and cost-efficient migration to new software platforms.

Servers - Digital Video Recorders

Essential IPTV DVR Set-Top Box – ISB2231
Essential IPTV DVR set-top box for live TV services with DVR function
Advanced IPTV DVR Set-Top Box – IPV6015
Advanced IPTV set-top box for live TV services and DVR function


Advanced IPTV Set-Top Box – IPV5050
Advanced IPTV set-top box for live TV and IP connected services