Leveraging Technicolor's satellite and terrestrial expertise, this DVR Set-Top Box enables service providers to offer IP connected services (i.e. VoD) and 3D graphics user experience on top of traditional broadcast TV services.

The DST810 is already deployed in compact- and full-size versions with major standard middleware solutions, and allows a rapid availability and short term evolution to advanced user experience with 3D graphics.



  • Satellite and terrestrial broadcast TV: dual DVB-S2 and dual DVB-T/T2/ISDB-Tb tuners
  • High Definition video : MPEG-4 AVC HD 1080p/60 video decode and display
  • Flexible DVR service with a built-in 3.5" or internal rackable 2.5" HDD
  • IP connected services (e.g. VoD, apps, OTT) using built-in IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi solution
  • Enhanced user experience: high performance 3D graphics allowing for improved user interface
  • Quick Time-To-Market: successfully deployed platform including multiple middlewares (e.g. Technicolor Homeware) and CA solutions
  • Modular design including choice of compact/full-size versions

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