Our Los Angeles based Broadcast team is composed of TV veterans who understand and anticipate the demands of a season with the support of a versatile picture and sound team.

We offer customized digital workflows and on-location broadcast services that are second to none, giving you studio quality, real-time control while near the set. When it’s time for post our robust team ensures that your dailies, editing, color-grading, VFX or sound mixing needs are met and far surpassed - consistently helping producers achieve the best results in the TV.


On Location

Technicolor On Location keeps the creative control with the DP- allowing DP’s to drive the look of the film further downstream than before, providing editors with the best looking material to work with.



With dedicated resources and a team of visual effects artists Technicolor Hollywood’s VFX group specializes in 2D and Stereo compositing.

Color Finishing - Hollywood

Technicolor is proud to offer our clients revered color finishing.


With our “Technicolor at Paramount” facility, located in the heart of Hollywood at the Paramount Pictures studio lot, we offer a full range of state-of-the-art audio post production services for feature films, broadcast television, DVDs and digital new media.

Digital Distribution

Technicolor’s Digital Distribution services consists of content preparation, management and digital distribution to any device or platform.

Atomic Puppet

Technicolor’s experienced creative team offers superior design and production services across a broad spectrum of animation services.