Technicolor is proud to offer our clients revered color finishing. Rivaling the impressive credit lists of our colorists, is the diversity in our talent pool. Our award-winning colorists bring their own unique workflows to the projects they color, while maintaining the creative integrity established by the project’s Director of Photography.
Your partner in the color finishing process, Technicolor is supported by the strongest color science in the industry- able to blend the looks of photochemical with the complexities of the digital world.
Watch the video below to see how VP of Theatrical Imaging and Supervising Finishing Artist Steve Scott worked with the filmmakers to achieve the "seamless look of Birdman".



Technicolor colorist Skip Kimball reteams with the Duffer brothers on Stranger Things 2.



Learn how our color correcting specialists can help unlock SDR content to create UHD Alliance-approved HDR movies, music videos, and other products.