We have created a global, world-class model of international operation that fosters the creative process while removing time, travel, shipping and airport security from the equation – saving studios and productions valuable resources. 

Our entire portfolio is available through our Hollywood location.


Front End

Trust Technicolor, the greatest name in color, for the latest front-end innovations and customized workflows to get you confidently into post-production.



We craft extraordinary visual experiences in any space, on any screen. A global leader in VFX for Film and Advertising for over 25 years.

Atomic Puppet

Technicolor’s experienced creative team offers superior design and production services across a broad spectrum of animation services.

Picture Post Production

Technicolor post-production services blends award-winning color talent with innovative file-based technologies to service the complete breadth of your content.

Sound Post Production

The award-winning talent at Technicolor Sound Services can help you achieve the highest quality sound design for your production.

Blu-ray & DVD services

Technicolor’s Blu-ray and DVD services include content preparation, disc replication, finished goods distribution and transportation/freight optimization solutions.