Throughout film history, Technicolor has been synonymous with color and vibrant picture quality. With our “Technicolor at Paramount” facility, located in the heart of Hollywood at the Paramount Pictures studio lot, we now offer a full range of state-of-the-art audio post production services for feature films, broadcast television, Home Theater, DVDs and digital new media. With nine re-recording mix stages, two ADR stages, a historic Foley stages, 30 sound editorial environments and a team of Oscar and Emmy winning talent, Technicolor is ready to collaborate with storytellers on all types of projects.

Maximizing security has been part of the vision for Technicolor at Paramount from its inception. The facility has been audited several times by the MPAA and various clients and passed with the highest marks available every time. With only one point of ingress and egress, client content remains secure from the start of the creative process through mastering to delivery.



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Sound at Paramount

Technicolor Sound at Paramount provides re-recording mixing, ADR and foley, sound design and editorial, transfer and layback, DVD audio and restoration, mobile mixing.