Creating the Sound of Imagination

In 2011 Technicolor invested nearly $40 million to build a brand new post production sound facility from the ground up on the iconic Paramount Pictures studio lot in Hollywood.

In this economic climate, it is unique to find a venture with such a significant investment that verifies the crucial importance of post production sound to the filmmaking process. With a facility of this stature, powered by acclaimed creative talent and state-of-the-art technology, filmmakers are given the opportunity to excel and create something exceptional. The new facility, named “Technicolor at Paramount” opened on September 1st, 2011.

Located in one secure 92,000 square feet building, together with Paramount’s Theatrical Post Production offices and 30 high end picture editorial suites, the facility is spread over three floors and 65,000 square feet.

Technicolor at Paramount provides a full range of post sound and picture services for feature films, broadcast, commercials, trailers, location-based entertainment, industrial, DVD and new media.


Key Services

  • Re-Recording Mixing Nine stages with surrounding editing rooms and client lounges including two Atmos and IMAX-enabled stages.
  • Sound Design & Editorial – Ten 5.1-sound design suites and 20 sound editorial suites
  • ADR & Foley – Two large ADR stages and one Foley stage
  • Mobile Mixing – Technicolor’s DMR (Digital Mobile Re-Recording) Solution
  • DVD Audio & Restoration – 4 DVD edit & 2 DVD mastering rooms
  • Transfer & Layback – capable of handling all the latest multi-format audio needs
  • Worldwide Connectivity - secure, high speed media transfer to and from worldwide facilities via our proprietary Technicolor Production Network (TPN)
  • Remote Picture QC – capability to receive and playback work-in-progress footage from outside post houses (i.e.,VFX, DI), in real time within all sound mixing environments and on screens calibrated to Technicolor grading specifications

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Technicolor Sound Services has assembled an eminent team of sound mixing and editorial professionals who are  recognized by their peers and the industry at large with an array of awards and nominations from:


Technicolor Sound proudly helped rising star director Adam Wingard create the electrifying soundscape for Netflix's new thriller Death Note.
Technicolor Sound Reteams with Duffer brothers on Stranger Things 2.
Niki Caro, director of The Zookeeper's Wife, on Technicolor at Paramount and collaborating with sound re-recording mixers Terry Porter and Anna Behlmer, and supervising sound editor Becky Sullivan.



We have meticulously designed our new facility, taking the time to precisely decide on each and every detail - building the most comfortable and immersive work environment.


The heart of our facility is our tremendous team of professionals who are dedicated to bringing pictures to life with sound.


Contacts in Sound at Paramount.

The Sound Lab at Technicolor

Technicolor Sound’s new immersive unit melds technology with powerful storytelling to create quality branded soundscape experiences for 360° films, video games, virtual & augmented reality, theme parks, and special venue.