Post-production may sound like a technical word, but in actuality, it's the most important element in the anatomy of filmmaking. It's an art unto itself that structures the arc of your story. Film, dialogue, sound, music, and effects are its five major tentacles. During the post-production process, each of these is structured and edited separately by highly talented artists, whose contribution is rarely appreciated or spoken of. Frame by frame with precision and skill, your canvas evolves its persona. Post-production is the key to film magic or film mediocrity. From it comes your completed canvas, which is presented for all the world to see and critique.

Excerpt from The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans



The heart of our facility is our tremendous team of professionals who are dedicated to bringing pictures to life with sound and to pushing the envelope whenever possible. Below is a list of our talent so far and links to their bios and award achievements. Stay tuned for further exciting announcements, as we build up our crew at Technicolor at Paramount.


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