Technicolor has been servicing the film industry for 100 years, and our latest advancements in digital technology continue to propel us forward.

Thanks to Color Science and the Technicolor heritage we can offer you front-end approaches you can trust. Whether on location, near location or in facility, Technicolor has the means and expertise to supply you with customized solutions for all your projects.  

Technicolor Montreal - Pre-production Consultation

Pre-production Consultation

We develop workflows early in the front-end process in order to get a global picture of your project specificities. Taking your shooting conditions, equipment, budget and deliverables into consideration, we come up with a customised solution to optimally sustain all your needs down the production chain.

Technicolor Montreal - Digital Dailies

Digital Dailies

Moving from production to post is a complex and delicate process which is why Technicolor works with key camera manufacturers to create file-based workflows that will ease that process.

Our digital dailies management ensures optimal project efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while reducing data transfer between different devices. Technicolor guarantees the integrity of your productions and the security of your data, automatically saving and storing them on our protected server.
Our secure network enables you to view the dailies by the end of your shooting day, wherever you are, in real time on an iPad, iPhone, your laptop or on the Web.

Technicolor Montreal - Film Dailies

Film Dailies

Are you planning to shoot your next production on film? We continue to offer film processing for film-originated content through our New York affiliate’s lab partner.

Technicolor Montreal - On Location Services

On Location Services

Wherever your shooting takes you, we provide you with an on-location technician and a data kit that includes DP Lights™. This exclusive Technicolor system can be deployed as a pre-visualization, on location colour correction tool that creates looks in real time during production, giving you adjusted dailies from day one of editing. Our expert digital images technicians (DIT) are trained in Technicolor Colour Science and specialize in areas such as 3D production, colour grading, and data management.

Throughout your shoot, Technicolor engineers are available to help you identify potential colour-related problems before they impact your budget. They can also offer fast and effective post production solutions to correct unforeseen issues that may have occurred during shooting.

Technicolor Montreal - 3D Front-end Services

3D Front-end Services

Whether you are shooting a theatrical or broadcast 3D production, our 3D Front-end Services team will advise you on the latest trends and technology breakthroughs. With extensive experience on Hollywood and Canadian 3D sets, working on projects such as Life of Pi and The Smurfs, our experts will guide you from creation to delivery, treating your data efficiently, and ensuring that you get the most out of your 3D shoots.