Technicolor On Location keeps the creative control with the DP- allowing DP’s to drive the look of the film further downstream than before, providing editors with the best looking material to work with.

Composed of the industry’s leading engineers, software developers, dailies timers and color scientists, our global team enters on the ground floor of your project. We work closely to create personalized digital and film workflows that best complement the specific camera of your choice and develop a sustainable and efficient workflow before we leave our facility. Once we deploy on-location we are able to manage and adapt to your needs with ease.

Whether you’re shooting film, digital 2D or 3D content, Technicolor On Location can help you maintain your vision throughout the complete process.


Key Capabilities:

  • Customized workflows for camera/recording/post production efficiency
  • Technicolor Color Science support
  • Industry-leading on-set look design with Technicolor DP Lights™ real-time look creation
  • Experienced dailies colorists
  • Mobile Digital Lab and Theater for complete location services
  • Global Dailies
  • 3D Dailies and onset playback
  • Expert support for premiere screenings, including talent and equipment