Technicolor Montreal’s post-production services foster a creative environment in which our highly skilled and passionate teams are dedicated to applying their extensive talents to your project.
We provide customized solutions that are aligned with your vision, and we are ready to work through all of your production challenges while staying within your budget. In addition to possessing exceptional talent, our artists know how and when to innovate and take full advantage of our worldwide resources.


Technicolor Montreal - Post-Production

We offer a full range of post-production services for any feature, television, short film and Web project. Our facilities support ultra-high-definition audio and video and our editing rooms are equipped to support  2D, 3D, RealD and XPAND productions.
Our secure digital network gives you protected access to our post-production services all over the world. All Technicolor sites take advantage of our high-speed network and real-time technology to guarantee flexibility and efficiency for our client’s projects, wherever they may be.


Technicolor Montreal - Scanning/Recording

We are now completely digitalized, but we still scan and record film and fulfill your film transfer needs.
Using Northlight, Arri and Spirit scanner technology, we can digitize your 16 mm and 35 mm film at resolutions up to 6K. Film recording services from digital files are provided via Arrilaser film recorders.

Offline editing

Technicolor Montreal - Offline editing

The professionals in our experienced client services department will work with you through your entire offline editing and will determine the best creative and technical solutions that are tailored to your project.
Our editing suites are equipped with Avid and Final Cut Pro software, on PC or Mac. A technical director is available to help you with technical issues, while our editors and assistants remain at your service day and night. We also have projectors available so you can see the evolution of your production on a big screen.
Since our studios are interconnected with one main server, several editors can work simultaneously on your project, thereby accelerating the post-production process and helping you meet shorter deadlines.

Colour correction and online editing

Technicolor Montreal - Colour correction and online editing

Our renowned editors and colourists work together to provide you with a smooth and efficient post-production process. Our online editors know how to bring your project to life, while our colourists create looks and images exactly as you imagined them!
Project after project, satisfied clients continue to return to Technicolor to collaborate with our award-winning colourists. Head colourist, Nico Iles, is renowned in Canada, the US and Europe for his work on feature films.  In 2004, in recognition of his work on Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, he was awarded the DaVinci Prize for “Master Colourist – Theatrical Release.”  Nico most recently coloured: The Legend of Sarila, the first 3D Canadian animated film; The Suicide Shop, directed by Patrice Leconte; and All That You Possess, from acclaimed Quebec director Bernard Émond.
Eric Gaudry, the colourist of Last Train Home,  Best Documentary Genie Award’ winner in 2012,  recently colour corrected La Cicatrice, the first feature from Quebec director Jimmy Larouche,  as well as documentaries China Heavyweight and The Fruit Hunters, both directed by Yung Chang and produced by EyeSteel Films.
Our editing rooms and colour correction suites all come standard with Autodesk Lustre, Smoke and Flame Premium software, and are connected to Technicolor’s secure, high-speed network.
If you prefer to work with your own editor, our online studios are also available for rent. Rest assured that when you’re working in our studios, our professionals will always be on hand to provide you with Technicolor expertise and technical support.

Visual effects

Technicolor Montreal - Visual effects

Technicolor maintains a close relationship with its flagship visual effects business, MPC, one of the leading VFX providers in the industry. The quality of MPC’s creative talent is reflected in its high industry demand and its high number of return customers. With facilities in London, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Bangalore, MPC teams can work with you around the clock!

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3D Post

Technicolor Montreal - 3D Post

Technicolor is a leader in 3D post production and has worked on more 3D feature films than all our competitors combined. Our online editors, Serge Harvey and Francois Massé, along with some of the best colourists in the business, use the latest 3D technology, hardware and software to tackle any 3D feature work that comes our way.
Technicolor Canada recently provided 3D post-production services for:

  • How it’s made 3D, 3D episodes of the popular TV show broadcast in French and English
  • The Legend of Sarila, the first 3D Canadian animated film, produced by CarpeDiem Film & TV and Production 10th Ave.  Released worldwide in 2013
  • Cochemare, the first 3D short film by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski, produced by PHI films and to be released in 2013.

Technicolor technicians and engineers throughout the world are constantly developing and applying advances in 3D science for Hollywood sets. Technicolor Montreal continuously adapts these breakthroughs and applies these new techniques to your production, while staying within your budget.

Our range of 3D services includes:

  • 3D front-end and dailies services
  • Editing
  • Colour correction and matching
  • Stereoscopic sweetening
  • 3D image finishing
  • 3D subtitling
  • Digital distribution for theatrical release and home entertainment


Technicolor Montreal - Certifi3D

Technicolor can help you achieve the CERTIFI3D standard - the first and most recognized stereoscopic 3D quality standard in the industry. These measurable criteria are the system’s way of eliminating operator bias, enabling you to maximize on your 3D post production investment.

The Legend of Sarila was the first Canadian animated film to feature Technicolor Certifi3D standards.

Graphics and Credits

Technicolor Montreal - Graphics and Credits

Our design team creates opening and closing credits from simple to complex animation, whether for cinema or television.  We work closely with you to create the graphics elements that best capture and illustrate your creative vision, and we do so in any language you need.
We understand that each broadcaster requires specific deliverable formats. This is why we produce as many openings and credits as you have deliverables, in all requested languages.