With production and post production focusing more on digital solutions, the Restoration and Preservation of non-digital content have arguably become among the most important challenges faced by the film and television industries.

Your assets are a valuable commodity, offering abundant opportunities for content owners to bring to market assets that can capture new generations of viewers. Turn to Technicolor to help you carefully restore your irreplaceable media.

Picture and Sound Restoration

Technicolor’s Restoration department is dedicated to the art and science of image and sound restoration and preservation. Our Montreal team provides a unique bridge between the worlds of photochemical and digital imaging, adept at both repairing image defects in newer assets and resurrecting severely compromised vintage films. Driven by a team of experienced, meticulous and creative specialists, our restoration services offer a wide spectrum of innovative solutions for film studios, production companies and image archives worldwide.

Whether working with classic films in black and white or cultural artifacts from the early days of film until now, it’s vital to respect the medium and restore or preserve the original content while maintaining its intrinsic production quality. As experts in the handling of delicate historical media, our restoration artists have mastered techniques to correct colour and scratches, remove dust, reduce grain, etc. They apply their talents to carefully correcting original images before recreating a master copy.

Our sound restoration experts can also help you reconstruct and preserve an aged soundtrack. After meticulously creating a digitized version of your magnetic band, we can harmonize level, clean, remaster to 5.1 or Stereo mix, reduce noise and re-synch the soundtrack to the image before rerecording the restored version in a high-definition format.

We are proud to say that, since 2008, Technicolor has been collaborating with Elephant to restore Quebecois heritage film. Almost five years later, more than 200 productions have been restored and we still have hundreds of movies to work on!

Scanning and Recording

Using Northlight, Arri and Spirit scanner technology, we can digitize your 16 mm and 35 mm film at resolutions up to 6K. Film recording services from digital files are provided via Arrilaser film recorders..


We archive productions on Technicolor’s digital platform, protecting your assets from damage, theft and quality deterioration. We can access your content whenever you need it and transfer it to the requested platform.