Technicolor Montreal is the industry leader in North America for versioning French and English feature films and television programmes. As a one-stop-shop, we offer state-of-the-art audio facilities, versioning studio equipped with Dub Studio and a full suite of sound, packaging and distribution services for your productions. 

By choosing Technicolor, you gain access to a vast international network of versioning studios. The expertise and talent of thousands of professionals are at your disposal; together with a creative content management team that supports you throughout the entire versioning process.

Whatever territory you want to reach, we can provide you with the right version and format required. Our facilities comply with MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) standards, guaranteeing the security of your content and giving you more peace of mind.

Montreal Versioning Facility includes

Technicolor Montreal - Versioning
  • 100% integrated and secured digital workflow and in-house detection and adaptation stations
  • 3 mixing stages
  • 4 Theatrical versioning studios
  • 3 Television versioning studios
  • 4 Documentary ADR booths
  • 3 Sound editing suites
  • High-speed, secure access to the Technicolor Production Network (TPN) for protected transfers of assets and data
  • Post-sync with Integrated  Services Digital Data (ISDN)

Detection and Adaptation for Versioning

Technicolor Montreal - Versioning

At the detection stage, Technicolor’s professional operator uses specialized software to transcribe your original dialogue in sync with the movement of the actors’ lips. All mouth sounds are detected, either vocal or otherwise, including lip smacks, breathing, chewing, whistling, kissing, screaming, smoking, etc, assuring the version stay as close as possible to the original version.

We use this detection to adapt the script in the desired language, optimally aligning it to the actors’ lip movements, thereby synchronizing the versioning with the image. The adapted text is then entered on a digital rythmo band for the versioning actors.

Our teams strive to stay true to the original content throughout the adaptation and synchronizing process.

Versioning for Cinema and Television

Technicolor Montreal - Versioning

For over 30 years, Technicolor Montreal has been adapting, versioning and mixing films for the major American studios. This extensive experience has allowed us to develop a rich network of actors, artistic directors and audio professionals. We version in both French and English languages at our Montreal facility and our international network enables us to provide versioning services in over 35 languages and create subtitles in over 50.

Technicolor Montreal versions feature productions for cinema, television and the Web, as well as productions directly released on DVD. We also version documentaries for television, TV programs targeted at children and teens, magazines, movies-of-the-week (MOW), etc.

In order to successfully execute your project from the beginning, we set up efficient and cost-effective workflows and adapt the production calendar according to your delays and deliverables.  We can also manage the audition process, ensuring that the actors meet your selection criteria.

When the versioning and mixing are completed, we quality check the material before mastering the final version in every format requested by your distributors and broadcasters.

We can also adapt and record your original production’s songs into French, design new credits adapted from the original content, and version and complete your new mix or subtitle any production.

Marketing Services

Technicolor Montreal - Versioning

We provide versioning services for both cinema and DVD trailers. We version and mix them within the shortest possible timeframes and we deliver in your broadcasters’ or distributors’ preferred formats.

Multilingual Versioning

Technicolor Montreal - Versioning

Versioning is increasingly about the manipulation of ultra-confidential content and the day-and-date release of feature films. Thanks to our global network of studios located in Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Rome and Bangkok, Technicolor can provide you with professional versioning services in over 35 languages.


Technicolor Montreal - Versioning

Technicolor’s network provides subtitling services in over 50 languages and can deliver complete or partial subtitling depending on your production needs.

Content Preparation and Delivery

Technicolor Montreal - Versioning

With facilities throughout the world, we have the capability to deliver the solutions you need, when you need them and wherever you are on the planet.

Our extensive digital media services also provide the ability to easily monetize your content library. We encode and deliver to almost all digital platforms including iTunes Store, Netflix, Amazon,  Google Play, Hulu, Xbox and Sony and video on demand (VOD) providers such as Videotron, Cogeco, Shaw, Rogers, Telus,  Sasktel and MTS Allstream. We also offer packaging and delivery services to Hotel and Airline VOD Providers.

Once we digitize an asset we can then push it through our global chain of services to implement the modules and components that are needed. Whether it is localization, quality control (QC) or transcoding, Technicolor will ensure high-quality output. Wherever your content needs to go, we can rapidly ingest and encode it into the correct format and get it distributed so it can start earning you revenue.

  • Technicolor Montreal was the first iTunes Store encoding house in Québec and is now the center of excellence for Technicolor worldwide.
  • In 2012 Technicolor Montreal delivered over 250 000 minutes to VOD and Digital Platform providers- contributing to the almost 2 million encoded minutes delivered Worldwide.
  • Technicolor Montreal now offers MediAffinity™ digital library services.