Bring Technicolor Digital Front End services On Set with you to ensure that your vision is in trusted hands from the first shot to final deliverables. Technicolor keeps the creative control with the DP - allowing DP’s to drive the look of the film further downstream than before, and thus providing editors with the best-looking material to work with throughout your production. We can also assist in your pre-production planning in order to deliver coordinated and streamlined solutions for your productions.

Whether working on large-scale Movie productions, Independent projects or TV productions, we have the technology and expertise to support your budget demands.

Our industry-leading front end teams are comprised of experienced engineers, software developers, dailies timers, data management staff, color scientists, and on-set camera digital imaging technicians (DITs) who are skilled at harnessing the latest innovations and technology to get you smoothly and efficiently into post-production.

Our Digital Front End Services are:

  • Based on set
  • Targeted at major studios and features
  • Designed for scale and flexibility
  • Equipped to provide full service solutions locally on set, with full database support and automated workflows

Technicolor Front End Services provide the highest-quality and most cost-effective workflow solutions, no matter the scale of your project or your location. Our digital front-end managers and color scientists work closely with productions to create personalized digital workflows that best complement every production’s unique requirements.