Technicolor offers sound post production services in Paris through our key post production facility in Boulogne. Some of the most talented freelancers in the industry come to our Boulogne facility to use the latest audio tools and technology to create premium media content for French feature films and TV productions.

The talented professionals behind Technicolor sound services appreciate how vital a high-quality soundtrack is to any production, and are ready to help you get the most out of our studios. Whether working on the latest feature film or a high-end TV drama, our sound studios in Paris offer a convivial atmosphere that supports the best talent in the industry while fulfilling all of our clients’ audio needs.

Technicolor’s sound technicians are regarded as among the most talented experts in the industry and support the full gamut of sound services including foreign language mixing, versioning, Foley and ADR services and sound design.

Our Boulogne Site is renowned for its feature mixing capability.

Comprising of 7 STUDIOS:

  • 2 Recording ADR or FOLEYS stages
  • 3 Theatrical mixing stage up to 7.1
  • 1 Mixing TV/ Premix stage
  • 1 Mixing TV/ Premix / Music stage