Technicolor Toronto has one of the most advanced audio-production facilities in North America. Not only are we one of the largest producers of soundtracks for large format projects, we also provide complete sound services for feature films, TV broadcasts, lifestyle/documentaries, commercials and web-based media.

Our audio post-production services are compatible with virtually all audio systems and formats, providing a cohesive and continuous workflow. Our robust digital storage services provide the highest level of protection for your assets. We offer secure, high-speed connectivity to digital and audio post-production facilities around the world. Conveniently located in downtown Toronto, Technicolor provides an excellent bridge between the New York and Los Angeles production communities.

We truly are a sound investment in your production!

Technicolor Toronto - ADR & VERSIONING


3 ADR stages from a small booth for narration to an ensemble stage for groups.


Technicolor Toronto - FOLEY


2 large Foley stages as well as a flexible “floating” Foley stage.


Technicolor Toronto - MIXING


8 Mixing Stages – all are equipped with Dolby 5.1 and vary in size from single operator to 7.1 multi-mixer THX certified theatrical.


Technicolor Toronto - SOUND DESIGN


10 in-house edit suites fully equipped with Pro Tools and intra-net.


Technicolor Toronto - LARGE FORMAT


We are the world leader in the production of both Original Program and IMAX DMR film soundtracks, both domestic and foreign.




Watch the video below to see how A Beautiful Planet director Toni Myers worked with Technicolor Toronto to deliver an awe-inspiring experience to audiences.