Technicolor’s film and digital facility in downtown Toronto provides filmmakers a range of services from on-location solutions, dailies, editorial & colour correction to graphics and title design, and full audio post production. We provide the best possible post production services available in Toronto and our talented colourists, editors, designers and sound mixers will ensure that your project will be completed to the highest standards.

Technicolor Toronto - ADR & VERSIONING


In the digital world, post-production work begins with the first frame you capture. Our well-respected On Location team is here to provide you with customized solutions for your ever-changing workflow demands. Whether you’re working on a commercial shoot, television production or theatrical project we can accommodate your needs, while providing the invaluable connectivity to the rest of your post requirements.

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Technicolor Toronto - FOLEY


We offer multiple dailies platforms that support various formats and acquisition types. From front end to completion, and everything in between, we can look after all your workflow challenges and help maintain a high level of consistency throughout your production.


Technicolor Toronto - MIXING


Technicolor maintains a close relationship with its flagship visual effects (VFX) business, the Moving Picture Company (MPC), one of the leading VFX providers in the industry. MPC’s offices throughout the world  are connected through a robust, secure, high-speed pipeline that helps ensure that our client’s project stay on schedule. The quality of MPC’s creative talent and customer service is reflected in their high industry demand and their high number of return customers.


Technicolor Toronto - SOUND DESIGN


Our Toronto DI department offers flexible and customized DI services and colour grading supported by state-of-the-art technology. Our team members have extensive DI and grading experience and can draw upon the expertise of other artists at Technicolor facilities around the world in order to meet our clients’ needs. We provide directors and DOPs with the ability to collaboratively colour correct in real time from different locations.


Technicolor Toronto - LARGE FORMAT


Our Versioning & Localization solution, provides the ability to create multiple versions of the final audio mix, International Versioning; Titling, Editorial and inserts for global theatrical release. As well as subtitling and metadata translation.


Technicolor Toronto - LARGE FORMAT


Our sound department has 8 mixing stages, 3 ADR studios, 2 Foley stages, 1 music recording studio and 10 sound editing suites. Our award winning, talented and highly motivated mixing team is ready to work with you on your project.

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Technicolor Toronto - LARGE FORMAT


In response to the industry-driven transition toward a more digital approach to capture and workflows, we have made the decision to focus on digital colour science, work flows, and finishes. That said, we can still accommodate all of your film based projects with the attention and quality of workmanship Technicolor has been known for over the past century.


Technicolor Toronto - LARGE FORMAT


Your assets are a valuable commodity, and we can help you archive and/or carefully restore your irreplaceable media. We specialize in the restoration and re-mastering of classic film and video titles for broadcast, international sales, and Blu-ray/DVD release and are experts in the handling of delicate historical media. We also offer 2K film scanning, Arri 2K/4K film recording and digital neg restoration.


Technicolor Toronto - LARGE FORMAT


We offer a full service library back-up to contain and control all of your digitally acquired assets.




Watch the video below to see how A Beautiful Planet director Toni Myers worked with Technicolor Toronto to deliver an awe-inspiring experience to audiences.