Technicolor’s award winning Toronto Broadcast team can help you achieve the best results in the TV industry. Our renowned colourists, editors, designers and sound mixers help producers bring their visions to fruition with consistency, professionalism, and unmatched creative talent.

On Location

In the digital world, post-production work begins with the first frame you capture. Our talented On Location team is made up of experts in developing customized solutions for your ever-changing workflow. Whether you’re shooting a commercial, television production or other broadcast project, we can accommodate your needs, while providing the invaluable connectivity to the rest of your post requirements.

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Colour Correction

Technicolor Toronto’s award winning team of colourists will ensure your TV production and series are delivered according to the highest colour grading standards.  We consistently provide colour correction for major networks and work on foreign and domestic projects with award winning cinematographers,giving them the ability to collaboratively colour correct in real time from different locations when required.  Our customized workflows allow for quick turnaround of dailies colour-grading, supported by the most knowledgeable, experienced colour-science team in the industry.


Our broadcast editorial team works seamlessly with our colourists, providing the detailed editorial post-processes related to finishing a broadcast production.


We offer multiple dailies platforms that support various formats and acquisition types. From front end to completion, and everything in between, we can look after all your workflow challenges and help maintain a high level of consistency throughout your commercial, episodic or other broadcast project.

Design and VFX

Main title sequences and visual effects are critical elements that help the viewer understand the story you want to tell.   From title design to 2D and 3D compositing, matte painting, and on-set VFX supervision, trust Technicolor Toronto’s award-winning team to deliver the title design and VFX that make your production complete.

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Our sound department has 8 mixing stages, 3 ADR studios, 2 Foley stage, 1 music recording studio and 10 sound editing suites. Our award winning, talented and highly motivated mixing team is equally at home in both the broadcast and feature film markets, and ready to make your production sounds it best.

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