Technicolor offers a full array of On Location Services that will let you shoot with confidence and focus on your project. Our expert technicians are trained in Technicolor Colour Science and specialize in areas such as slow motion capture, 3D production, colour grading, and data management. You can rest assured that our talented technicians will carefully manage your data and make sure that it is safely backed-up and secure.  
Our On Location services also include editing, colour correction and digital intermediate pre-grading –services that allow your production to keep up with the pace and demands of today’s on location shoots.

Key Features:

Data Kits

Our customized Data Kits are designed to handle all of your production’s digital acquisition formats. Our data management team is comprised of experienced professionals who know how to provide solutions for your ever-changing workflow needs. We are fully equipped to manage the dailies and deliverables process for productions anywhere in the world.


DP Lights

DP Lights v2.0 is Technicolor’s real-time color correction system for on-set use.  It has evolved from the original system that has been used on over 120 projects for both feature films and episodic television over the last six years.  DPLv2 now offers a custom iPad interface that untethers the Director of Photography with wireless real-time access to stills, streaming HD video, and on-set color correction.   Fully compliant with the ASC CDL and ACES, DP Lights™ guarantees the consistency of looks from color corrected dailies to final deliverable. 

DP Lights’™ real-time feedback from the camera allows Cinematographers to adjust for lighting and story subtleties from a compact system.


Global Dailies

Global Dailies, is an automated file-based software tool for dailies that can be deployed on location (or near location) anywhere in the world. It provides a bevy of services via its “one box approach” for dailies operations and delivers editorial material (AVID, etc.,) as well as desktop dailies (Pix, Dax, iPad) and can render material on DVD and Blu-ray™ Discs in minutes instead of hours.