Plug and Grade

KEY FEATURES to meet the demands of your project:

  • On-location rack-mountable unit that allows grading in HD (fully upgradeable to 4k) from multiple camera channels independently (4 channels internally, USB ports at the back allows more LUTBoxes to be added).
  • Intuitive GUI that features Slope Offset Power, LGG (Lift, Gamma & Gain), Color-saturation, Contrast, Exposure, and Printer Lights.
  • Frame grabbing on all channels simultaneously with frame recall and screen-wipe functionality.
  • Standalone. Does not require a computer.
  • Wi-fi remote access.
  • Fully compliant with ASC CDL, Academy ACES, and HDR standards.


Theatrical and broadcast digital dailies are one of the fastest evolving technology/services in the cinematographer’s creative palette.

For Technicolor, “dailies” has been a consistent part of its post-production equation for the last one hundred years. Technicolor was arguably the first post-production services provider in the world to deliver dailies on-location. For its first production, in 1917, with principal photography being located in the Florida everglades, Technicolor retrofitted a railroad boxcar into a state of the art photochemical “lab.”

Technicolor launched its first version of its Digital Printer Lights (or DP Lights™) in 2006. Written by Technicolor color-scientist Joshua Pines, it was immediately embraced by key cinematographers, and a short time later garnered an award from IBC for creative and technical “innovation.” Now, ten years later, Technicolor presents its 3rd generation of its patented DP Lights. Based on Technicolor color-science and engineering, the new DP Lights is being integrated into the ARRI Alexa Camera Access Protocol that allows in-camera grading, with color metadata to be embedded into the original camera files. Technicolor color-scientists and engineers have developed a new intuitive GUI; other new features include: frame grabbing on all channels simultaneously, with frame recall and screen-wipe functionality.

The new DP Lights from Technicolor is being deployed as a simple rentable license that does not require the production’s DIT to rent a laptop.