Technicolor Marketing Services is a boutique division that provides premier trailer and television spot finishing. Utilizing dedicated teams of producers, editors, mixers and colorists, along with Technicolor’s expansive team of feature colorists, Marketing Services is uniquely positioned to manage the most complex and time-sensitive workflow and campaign needs. We offer our clients a personalized finishing experience, while still enjoying the nearly endless resources of the global Technicolor facilities.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Technicolor Marketing Services is always at the forefront of digital workflow evolutions and supported by the absolute best color science team in the industry. To further accommodate the fluidity of our clients’ Marketing needs, our Tech-2-Tech service connects clients in different locations with any of our Technicolor creative houses around the world for real-time remote color grading.

Technicolor Marketing Services has conformed some of the industry’s most exciting trailers and television spots, including recent work on Ant-Man, The Revenant, Guardians of the Galaxy, In the Heart of the Sea, Narcos, Doctor Strange and more.