Theatrical Distribution

  • Theatrical Distribution

Technicolor has the robust infrastructure to support all of your content distribution requirements in this ever-changing landscape. Our holistic offering means that we support global digital cinema management and deliveries, distribution of marketing materials and more to cinemas and third-party vendors- no matter the scale. Beyond the cinema we offer a streamlined offering that can manage the complexity of digital distribution with multiple format preparation and delivery to the increasing number of devices and platforms emerging in the consumer marketplace.

Servicing all of the preparation and distribution pillars, Technicolor becomes a trusted partner that ensures your content is optimized, secured and delivered in the digital landscape.


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Content Preparation

Content Preparation

Content is quality checked, ingested, converted and watermarked to ensure content integrity, quality and security throughout the workflow.

Digital Cinema

Technicolor provides a comprehensive set of digital cinema services including mastering, replication, satellite and hard drive distribution, coupled with digital key management. Ensuring ease of planning and fulfillment for all of our customers.

Content Management

Content Management

We offer a complete set of services for content management including storage, tailored workflows through our workflow manager and secure metadata management.

Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution

Technicolor transcodes files to support all major platforms and devices to the precise specification. We support both tape and digital distribution and offer trusted delivery to all client platforms including In Flight Entertainment.

Cinema Distribution

Technicolor uses its industry understanding and expertise to support 35mm release strategies for both studios and theater customers

Check Frames

Here is the list of the check frames for the most recent Technicolor releases and our contacts if you need more information about older titles.