Virtual Reality In Technicolor

At Technicolor, we work with filmmakers and production companies across film, advertising and gaming to tell their stories in the new frontier – putting the consumer INSIDE a story, not just IN FRONT OF a story.

There are several challenges in this environment, but with dedicated teams of researchers, engineers and post-production artists, Technicolor is uniquely positioned to harness our strengths and convert those challenges into opportunities to raise the bar of premium VR content.

Exploring the Horizons of Virtual Reality in Storytelling

We are committed to the growth of immersive experiences. Technicolor and two of its most exciting and creative brands, MPC and The Mill, are already making great strides in the VR landscape. 

This new frontier has created an exciting exploration of storytelling across a mix of applications:

  • Documentary-style VR experiences that raise social awareness
  • Brand extension pieces for companies to help customers experience the brand, not just the product
  • Marketing pieces that help drive awareness for the latest blockbuster or hot show

Technicolor recently announced the expansion of its Sound team to provide sound design and mixing for Immersive Experiences. The Mill and MPC already offer an impressive portfolio of virtual reality work for consumers looking for a truly immersive experience.


MPC is an Academy Award and Cannes Lions-winning visual effects studio. MPC VR is a dedicated team within MPC focused on immersive exploration across industries, including Advertising, Feature Film, Architecture, Entertainment Content and Experiential Event Production. MPC VR continues to build on its experience developing pioneering projects with directors and clients, such as STOPP USA (Chrysler) and (Catatonic), and recently for Sony Picture’s Goosebumps VR experience and a promotional component for the 20th Century Fox smash hit feature The Martian.



The Mill, an early pioneer in the VFX industry, works with production companies, brands and advertising agencies to create the most powerful and engaging stories through moving image.  Mill Immersive is pioneering the next wave of premium experiences in VR, AR and architectural installations. Through evolving technology and tools, we are exploring new ways to tell exceptional stories that surround you. Recent VR work includes a Bryce Harper Virtual Reality Experience for Gatorade, and Help  for Google Spotlight Stories.  The Mill was acquired by Technicolor in 2015, and further established Technicolor as the world's leading provider of VFX.