Monitor, Manage, Control and Improve with full supply chain visibility

End-to-end visibility begins when the product leaves the manufacturer’s floor until it arrives at destination.  Performance metrics are continuously monitored against individual shipments and the related information is maintained within our data warehouse.

Dashboard Reporting

Our reporting dashboards include operational, service-level, and financial KPIs, as well as comprehensive on-time metrics.  Additionally, we will supply daily, automated in-transit reporting across transportation modes, and online tracking at the shipment level.


While our standard reporting package gives you a complete view of your supply chain, we offer the flexibility to prepare a custom package based on your requirements. Need a report one-time or scheduled? Focused across your supply chain or item specific? Whatever your request may be, our analytics team will work to provide the views you need.

Carrier Report Cards

TGL extensively benchmarks our carriers through an index which weighs service, claims, cost, and other KPIs.  We compare performance to other carriers and modes to ensure we are offering the most reliable and cost-effective solution for each of your supply chain challenges.

A Customer Centric Solution

TGL offers full financial visibility with Sarbanes-Oxley level audit and controls.  We also offer consultative support for improved savings and maximum ROI.