High Dynamic Range: Content as it’s Meant to be Seen

When it comes to delivering exciting and compelling entertainment experiences, rich visual content is a critical success factor. And yet, for decades, we have been viewing content on our home TVs and portable devices in an incredibly constrained visual spectrum that is defined by outdated display technologies.  We have been provided with a limited palette of colors, light and shadows.  This limited palette restricts how storytellers can tell their stories and means an impeded viewing experience.

HDR is about to change all of that. HDR video opens more choices for expressing creative intent – whether it is to project more realistic images, or to transport viewers beyond reality into the storytellers’ vision.

Technicolor’s 100 years of technology leadership, leading-edge research talent and color scientists has led to a suite of end-to-end HDR solutions that solve real-world media industry challenges and deliver the full promise of HDR to consumers.


An Open Approach to HDR

Technicolor’s HDR solutions are designed to support the widest range of applications – including blockbuster movies and games, live sports, TV content, and local news programming.  Technicolor partners with content creators, owners, distributors, broadcasters and consumer electronics manufacturers to deliver an ecosystem that is unconstrained by proprietary and closed ecosystems.

In order to stimulate fast and successful consumer adoption of new immersive experiences, it is essential to have high-quality cooperation and coordination across the entertainment technology value-chain.

Technicolor has developed an open and collaborative approach to the development and deployment of HDR solutions.  It is the most effective way to ensure seamless integration across networks and devices, while enabling innovation and differentiation at each stage of the ecosystem.


Technologies & Services

Advanced HDR by Technicolor

For 100+ years, Technicolor has been building upon its rich Hollywood heritage – and leadership role in color & image technology, research and innovation – to deliver the most exciting viewing experiences to consumers at home and on-the-go.

Presented in Technicolor HDR

Presented in Technicolor® HDR is a designation reserved for content distributed using the cutting-edge solution Technicolor HDR.

Technicolor HDR

Technicolor HDR is a distribution solution which enables the coding and delivery of High Dynamic Range content in a single stream to accurately display the content on Standard Dynamic Range as well as emerging High Dynamic Range devices.

HDR Color Grading

Learn how our colorists can help unlock SDR content to create UHD Alliance-approved HDR movies, music videos, and other products.