Technicolor is combining its Hollywood heritage and leadership with its color & image technology, rooted in deep research and innovation, to bring world-class HDR viewing experiences to consumers.

Presented in Technicolor® HDR is a designation reserved for content distributed using the cutting-edge solution Technicolor HDR.  This mark assures consumers that they’re enjoying a superior viewing experience.  Content that is Presented in Technicolor HDR will play on all TVs (HDR and SDR); with the full promise of HDR realized on devices that display the Advanced HDR by Technicolor mark.


Currently, there are multiple types of HDR content emerging on the market, including Sony’s S-Log camera format, the BBC/NHK Hybrid Log Gamma curve, and the PQ curve. Our solution delivers all of them in a single stream, ensuring a consistent experience on any device while maintaining creative intent.

The key benefits of Technicolor HDR:

  • Inputs all types of HDR content, as well as SDR, then normalizes and delivers it all in a single stream, for the best possible experience across any HDR or SDR device.
  • Adapts to any workflow; it can be used to create HDR feeds from SDR sources or to create the derived SDR from an HDR workflow.
  • Broadcasters, CE manufacturers, and content providers no longer need two separate streams for SDR and HDR TV sets.
  • The added power of Technicolor HDR: it is universal and independent of Electro-Optical Transfer Function (EOTF); content can be mastered in SMPTE 2084, gamma, or other EOTFs.
  • Offers direct backwards compatibility for SDR playback without any modifications to SDR devices; encoded video can be delivered through a single stream to devices enabled with Advanced HDR by Technicolor as well as legacy SDR displays.
  • No need for a separate delivery system can save millions of dollars in infrastructure; enables more efficient use of network resources, simplified management, lower storage costs, and cost-effective implementation on hardware.
  • The single layer solution requires only one HEVC decoder on each device, and it’s fully compatible with HEVC 10-bit compression.