Introducing the Key to the Future

Technicolor HDR Intelligent Tone Management offers an immediate opportunity to unlock the millions of hours of existing SDR content and release it into an HDR world. It extends the dynamic range of legacy content by adjusting the image on a localized basis and adapting it to new display technologies. This capability is critically important to the entire value chain, and more specifically to silicon and TV manufacturers. It delivers the promise of meeting demand for enhanced content as new HDR devices start to hit the mass market.

As a founder and board member of the UHD Alliance, the forum looking to establish an open standard for HDR grading, Technicolor has chosen to pursue an open approach to the development and deployment of its HDR Intelligent Tone Management solution.

Benefits of Technicolor HDR Intelligent Tone Management 

Technicolor HDR Intelligent Tone Management allows for the creation of any kind of content on any platform and is licensable across many of the upcoming HDR System-on-Chip (SoC) processors, thus providing an immediate benefit to HDR TV sets or Set-Top boxes utilizing these SoC’s.

All incoming SDR content is automatically up-converted to match the TV’s peak luminance for optimal viewing. End-users will be able to rediscover their home library of SDR movies and TV shows in HDR.

Technicolor’s solution brings to life the wonder of greater depth, richer colors and more details for a more realistic and immersive cinematic experience.

Award Winning Solution

Technicolor HDR Intelligent Tone Management won the Advanced Imaging Society’s Lumière award which is their highest honor for outstanding technologies that advance the entertainment industry.