As a leader in the production and distribution of cinematic, television, and gaming content, Technicolor understands the need and value to help OEMs and CE manufacturers assure consumers they can enjoy content as the creators intended.

Leveraging its Hollywood expertise, unique position across the media & entertainment ecosystem, and its breadth of research & innovation for color and image, Technicolor develops programs to help consumers identify TV, PC and mobile products that will deliver exceptional image and color experiences. 

Technicolor partners with leading CE and PC manufacturers to help them assure the quality of the image and color they deliver to consumers.  Technicolor offers branding that can be leveraged by select manufacturers, to differentiate their products and create consumer preference.

Exciting Technology Licensing and Certification Opportunities:

  • Color Certification – For PC, laptop, All-in-One, and tablet manufacturers to certify and designate that their devices display accurate color
  • 4K Image Certification – For device manufacturers to certify and designate that their devices provide premium 4K upscaling

Technicolor works with leading OEMs such as Asus, BenQ, HP, and Toshiba to help them deliver product and brand differentiators to their customers.  If you’d like to learn how Technicolor could help your company, please email technology.licensing@techncolor.com


4K Image Certification

Technicolor 4K Image Certified devices ensure a premium HD and UHD viewing and entertainment experience.

Technicolor Color Certified

Technicolor Color Certification ensures manufacturers and OEMs deliver accurate and consistent color on their display screens. This includes adherence to an established color standard for computer monitors, laptops, smartphones and tablet screens for consumers and business users.