Technicolor Color Certified Ensures Color Accuracy for PC Monitors, Laptops, All-In-Ones, and Tablets

PC devices that are Technicolor Color Certified meet the same strict standards for color as those used in Hollywood. The Technicolor Color Certified specification ensures consistent, accurate color that preserves the intent of content creators.  Consumers can enjoy online shopping, photography/videography, gaming, and entertainment experiences with the knowledge & confidence that they are viewing accurate color.

Empowering OEMs to Deliver Accurate Color to Consumers

Technicolor is the first and only company to offer a color certification program for consumer PC devices. OEMs can use the Technicolor Color Certified program and branding to create product differentiation, stimulate consumer preference, and increase margins.  For the first time, manufacturers can assure their customers that what is shown on the PC display is exactly what was intended by the people who created the content. 

About the Technicolor Color Certified for PCs Process

The Technicolor Color Certified process defines strict specifications for PC devices’ color gamut, gamma, color fidelity, white point, and backlight brightness that equal the quality of today's Blu-ray™ discs.  The process collects detailed device characterization data captured during manufacturing that is compared against the Technicolor Color Certified specification to verify the PC device meets criteria. PC devices that pass the certification process can use the Technicolor Color Certified brand mark on their marketing materials.

Consumer Benefits Of Color Certified By Technicolor For PCs

Technicolor Color Certified ensures that colors on PC screens are accurate for digital photography & videography, plus online entertainment, gaming and shopping, meeting standards for color accuracy used in Hollywood.