Providing Amazing Viewing Experiences on Mobile Devices

Technicolor Color Enhance embeds software on select smartphones, tablets, and laptops to optimize color and contrast, for an amazing viewing experience. It allows devices to instantaneously adapt to changing conditions while maintaining memory colors. Leveraging 100 years of color leadership, it brings a cinema-like experience to the palm of consumers’ hands.

Because Technicolor Color Enhance is display-adaptive it can improve both AMOLED and LCD rendering. With dramatically improved color and contrast, users can immediately enjoy a higher-end viewing experience, regardless of the quality or resolution of the display.

A Cost-Effective Competitive Mobile Device Differentiator

Technicolor Color Enhance software offers mobile device manufacturers and operators the opportunity to greatly improve display technology while elevating the value offered to consumers in a cost-effective manner. 

The Technicolor Color Enhance program provides OEMs and operators with tools to optimize and market premium color experiences on their mobile devices, including:

  • Software for optimizing color and contrast
  • Branding and marketing support
  • Retail training

Bringing Quality and Confidence to Consumers On-the-Go

Most consumers are now glued to smartphones, tablets, and laptops every waking hour, using them to snap pictures, check emails, stream movies, read books, play games, take care of business, and everything in between. Unfortunately, the convenience of mobility sometimes comes at the expense of display and picture quality. With Technicolor Color Enhance, this compromise is no longer necessary.