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The Worldwide Leader in Entertainment & Communications Technologies for the Past Century

Today more than ever before, Technicolor makes it possible for its clients and partners to deliver more value to their customers thanks to Technicolor technologies, patents and trademarks

Building on the company’s unmatched legacy of innovation, the Intellectual Property & Licensing Business Division develops, manages, monetizes and protects Technicolor’s vast IP portfolio. All but five percent of the company IP assets result from in-house research and development.

Leading-edge Technicolor innovations cover such fields as advanced audio and video codecs, content discovery, color gamut expansion and much more.

Our trademark portfolio includes some of the world’s most valued and highly trusted brands such as RCA and Thomson.


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Technology Licensing

We offer technology licensing opportunities for OEMs for a wide range of personal computer, display, audio and video products. For example, our advanced digital color and image technologies are available for embedding in virtually any device – from displays, smartphones, and tablets, to PCs, TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes.

Intellectual Property & Licensing

Technicolor holds over 40,000 patents and manages more than 1,000 Consumer Electronics (CE) license agreements. The Technicolor Intellectual Property and Licensing business unit protects and monetizes the company’s extensive patent portfolio. We rank among the worldwide leaders in patent licensing for audio and video technologies.

Patent Licensing

In addition to individual patents, Technicolor IP&L develops and participates in licensing programs. These enable OEMs to save time and effort by obtaining a license covering all of the patents related to a particular application.

Brand Licensing

The Technicolor brand portfolio includes some of the world’s most highly recognized and trusted consumer names. Licensing programs enable partners to benefit from these invaluable brands.

Patent Portfolio

As of December 31, 2012, we hold more than 40,000 patents and applications worldwide, derived from more than 5,600 inventions. In 2012, Technicolor was granted 2,300 patents and filed 444 priority applications with respect to new inventions.