Elevating Consumer Experiences Through Next-gen Technologies – at Home or On-The-Go

Technicolor invents and advances how people see entertainment and experience content. Whether for TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, Technicolor improves the experience of today’s consumer electronic devices, just as we’ve been doing for the Hollywood screen for the past 100 years. From the introduction of color in Hollywood to the development of HDR, Technicolor creates compelling new image technologies that ensure consumers enjoy the most immersive entertainment experiences, regardless of place, device, time, or context.

More than 250 researchers at Technicolor’s world class Research & Innovation Centers continue to build Technicolor’s extraordinary portfolio of the most advanced technologies and solutions that transform how people enjoy their media, entertainment, and digital experiences. 


Tailoring Technologies, Patents and Licenses to Strong Partner Relationships

The Technicolor approach to technology licensing is based on establishing strong partnerships with OEM customers. Rather than providing only use of a particular patent, Technicolor works alongside customers to ensure successful implementation of the technology in question. This implementation can take a variety of forms, from software integration, to digital libraries, to integrated software/hardware packages.


Technicolor partners with leading OEMs to deliver technologies that augment and enhance products, providing manufacturers with features that differentiate them from their competitors.


A Clear Branding Program:

For its portfolio of next-generation image technologies, Technicolor has developed a branding program that allows partners to leverage Technicolor’s reputation for image excellence and Hollywood heritage in their communications.

Technology Licensing Opportunities

HDR Technologies

Technicolor’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) solutions manage brighter lights, darker shadows to deliver sharper, more realistic images for the most compelling immersive entertainment experiences.

Technicolor Color Enhance

The Technicolor Color Enhance solution embeds software on select mobile devices to optimize color and contrast to provide an amazing viewing experience for consumers on the go.

Technicolor Color Certified

Technicolor Color Certification ensures manufacturers and OEMs deliver accurate and consistent color on their display screens. This includes adherence to an established color standard for computer monitors, laptops, smartphones and tablet screens for consumers and business users.

4K Image Certification

Technicolor 4K Image Certified devices ensure a premium HD and UHD viewing and entertainment experience.