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3D Excellence Offering

Even the most compelling 3D content cannot sustain viewer interest without the proper levels of quality and comfort. Through our 3D Excellence Offering and Certifi3D control standards, Technicolor offers 3D feature filmmakers, distributors and broadcasters of 3D content the opportunity to learn how to deliver a comfortable, engaging 3D experience to every viewer while ensuring end-to-end quality controls. 

With 3D Excellence Offering, 3D content creators and distributors can learn to deliver high-level, affordable 3D content that’s ready for the screen. Combining education, expertise and experience, we help media and entertainment professionals master the challenges of creating professional-looking 3D content that’s enjoyable and comfortable to watch.


3D Master Class

Technicolor’s 3D Master Class is a full, stereoscopic training program designed to be adjusted to the production of 3D content for particular audience needs. Based on more than a decade of experience in digital 3D production and post-production, the 3D Master Class provides a working understanding of the entire stereoscopic ecosystem - from the workings of the human brain and basic 3D technologies to the requirements of 3D devices and the nuances of a 3D workflow. The curriculum covers:

  • The physiological and neurological factors critical to 3D perception
  • 3D capture
  • 3D cameras
  • 3D displays
  • 3D post-production
  • 3D quality control

In pre-production, Technicolor’s 3D storyboard workshops cover techniques used to optimize immersive potential for movies shot in native 3D or films converted to 3D in post. 

In production, Technicolor consulting services include:

  • Stereographer training
  • Technical issues resolution
  • Real-time depth monitoring
  • 3D dailies certification

Technicolor’s 3D Master Class program has been followed by industry leaders from major studios such as Paramount, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, DirecTV and more.


3D Post Production Workflow

Technicolor’s 3D post-production workflow offers flexibility and efficiency while preserving 3D quality and full creative control of your 3D assets.


Certifi3D, the stereoscopic quality control standard, helps filmmakers, distributors and broadcasters deliver high-quality, stunning 3D content.

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