3D Post Production Workflow

  • 3D Post Production Workflow

Thanks to breakthrough Technicolor 3D technology and software, 3D content creators and distributors benefit from flexible, efficient and cost-effective 3D workflows that enable them to preserve full creative control.

Technicolor 3D certification helps productions apply Technicolor’s 3D Excellence Offering -- including Certifi3D -- from storyboard to final distribution, thereby ensuring that they consistently deliver visually amazing 3D content.


3D Fixes / Stereo Matching

Technicolor’s stereo matching technicians use the latest, most advanced software to make sure live 3D assets are as perfectly matched as if they were computer-generated.

Technicolor 3D Fixes and Stereo Matching help avoid the complications presented by live 3D capture, including such issues as:

  • Minor disparities between left and right image streams
  • Vertical and/or rotational misalignment,
  • Beamsplitter keystoning,
  • Colorimetric differences
  • Difference in luminance
  • Disparity in highlights
  • Variations in reflections, glares, and flares, etc.


Depth Grading


Trust in Technicolor’s Theatrical Depth Grading method for a smooth, immersive experience that takes full advantage of the theatrical environment. Our Theatrical Depth Grading uses a combination of convergence and window techniques to help you optimize immersion and enhance storytelling on the final, locked cut for the best cinematic experience possible.


Technicolor’s Home Depth Grading method optimizes content for the residential viewing environment. Our Home Depth Grading adapts content for a comfortable viewing experience in the home, free of painful edge violations while still aligning with broadcaster specifications for allowable depth budgets.


3D Final Color

Technicolor’s innovative Stereoscopic 3D Workflow saves filmmakers a significant amount of time by allowing them to grade color while the stereoscopic operations are simultaneously performed. The two processes are then combined, thus maintaining the creative intent of color while adapting it to multiple display solutions (like RealD (c), Dolby (c) or Xpand (c)). Results from both operations are merged in the 3D Final Color stage to ensure optimum image quality in terms of both color and depth.


3D Subtitles

Based on the same engine as Certifi3D, Technicolor’s proprietary 3D subtitling solution ensures the accurate and comfortable depth placement of subtitles. Levels of customization range from cost-effective, fully automated placement to full artistic override, with sub-pixel x, y and z placement.


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