4K Image Certification


    Turn your existing content into a genuine Hollywood 4K Movie Experience at home. For a stunning 4K movie experience and color accuracy, look for products with our logo.

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    Image Certification - Noise reduction - Edge enhancement - Anti-aliasing
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4K TVs can replicate the Hollywood movie experience with a stunning image at home. The problem is not having widely available 4K content to maximize the viewing experience.

Now, imagine seeing a standard 1080 Blu‐Ray disc movie upgraded to a stunning 4K image..

Technicolor is now making all of this a reality.

Up-convert processing enables makers of Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and accessories to solve the 4K content dilemma

Consumer acceptance of 4K Ultra High Definition TV depends in part on the availability of content that demonstrates the superiority of the 4K viewing experience. To help solve this classic chicken-and-egg content dilemma, Technicolor is partnering with video processing technology specialists to deliver solutions that transform legacy content into high-quality 4K programming.


Today’s consumer expects a truly revolutionary 4K experience. Technicolor 4k Image Certification dramatically  guarantees the transformation of legacy content to meet that expectation.


Learn how Technicolor Image Certification can help ensure that consumers will be delighted by your next generation of  Blu-Ray players  or HDMI accessories or set-top boxes.


Best-in-class, High-standard, Repeatable, Reliable

Technicolor 4K Image Certification combine sets of proven scientific methodology with the ‘Golden Eyes’ of the leader in digital Hollywood movie production with over 90 years of video & color expertise.


Toshiba Blu-Ray Player

Toshiba’s Blu-Ray Player delivers Color Accuracy and Image Enhancement processing thanks to Technicolor 4k Image Certification

Seiki U-Vision HDMI accessories

SEIKI 4K up-conversion HDMI cable and adapter are the first accessories certified by the Technicolor 4K Image Certification program.

4k Image Certification Process

While many companies take a pure “engineering” approach when setting objective image criteria, Technicolor also incorporates a “Golden Eyes” perspective for subjective measurement to ensure the end result appears as the artist intended

Philips 4K Upscaling HDMI cable

Unleash the true power of your 4K TV with Philips 4K Ultra HD Upscaling HDMI Cable 4K Image Certified by Technicolor and upscale your legacy HD contents in 1080p to 4K resolution with pixels and color enhancement.

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