Color Certification

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Preserve Color Fidelity

Technicolor Color-Certified Displays


Technicolor has partnered with Portrait Displays to create the first color certification program for OEM display manufacturers

OEMs can use our color certification program to reinforce product differentiation, stimulate consumer preference, and increase margins. Now, they can assure customers that the colors they see on their displays will match the color of the products they purchase.

When consumers make an online purchase, they’re often unsure if the color of the product as they see on the screen will be the same color as the product they receive. That’s why image quality is so important to ecommerce. Yet, until now, OEMs had no way to demonstrate and guarantee the quality of the colors displayed on the consumers’ screens. That’s why Technicolor, the entertainment industry’s color experts, teamed up with Portrait Displays, a leading supplier of color calibration software control for computer and tablet displays, to develop Technicolor Color Certified program.

Technicolor’s partnership with Portrait Displays will bring true color accuracy to smartphones, tablets and computer monitors.  By teaming up with Portrait Displays, we have combined our expertise in color with their expertise as Application Software Providers (ASP) to deliver true color accuracy to computer and display manufacturers throughout the world. Through our Technicolor Color Certified program,  we will bring accurate color to any type of display a consumer might use to make a purchase: so the red shoes they see on their screens will be true in color to the shoes that arrive at their doorsteps, and the Hollywood blockbuster will look just as dazzling on their tablets as on their TVs. 

The Technicolor Color Certified brand provides OEMs with the tools they need to ensure Hollywood-quality color in their PC monitors, notebooks, all-in-ones, tablets, and smartphones:

  • Display test and measurement services
  • Software for color gamut tuning and display control

Technicolor Color Certified helps OEMs differentiate their products in a way that's easily recognizable by the consumer. This industry-leading color certification program provides demonstrable added value beyond the usual factors of resolution, screen size and price. For the first time anywhere, display manufacturers can assure their customers that what is shown on the display is exactly what was intended by the content creator.

Note:  Content must be created in rec. 709 (movies/videos) or sRGB D65 (photos/web page) format for color accuracy.

True, certified color means:



HP PC Monitors Series Technicolor Color Certified

HP First PC Monitors to Receive Technicolor Color Certification - HP Envy and HP Pavilion Series

Toshiba Laptop Display Technicolor Color Certified

Toshiba 4K laptop is the world’s first 4K UHD laptop display that is awarded Technicolor Color Certification.


Color Accurate Video Display

See the true colors that content creators intended for their movies and videos

Consumers can now enjoy movies and videos on their PC monitors, notebooks, all-in-ones, tablets, and smartphones with all the vibrancy, shading, color nuance and precise hues intended by the content creators.

Color Certification Process

How Does It Work?

Learn how Technicolor Color Certified can help you strengthen product differentiation, drive consumer preference and increase margins.

Color Accurate E-commerce

What you see is What you get

Dramatically reduce customer dissatisfaction and returns because of color discrepancies in online-shopping: thanks to color-accurate product presentation, consumers can finally rest assured that the color they see on their displays matches the color of the physical product they’re purchasing online.


 Color Accurate Photo Capture

What You Capture is What You See.

By using Technicolor Color Certified displays, photographers can be certain that the colors they capture in a photo are true to the colors of the actual object being photographed.

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Technicolor Certifies that Toshiba’s Laptop Displays Colors as Creators Envisioned
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