Technicolor 4K Image Certified

Certifying The Quality Of 4K UHD Devices For Consumers

Technicolor 4K Image Certified devices ensure a premium HD and UHD viewing and entertainment experience. While the introduction of new technologies like 4K have created new options for consumers, questions have been raised about how to maximize the amount of content that can be optimized for display on HD and UHD equipment.

Technicolor has harnessed its expertise in cinema and television post-production services for home entertainment to create the 4K Image Certified program. This rigorous program validates the ability of consumer devices to provide detail enhancement, edge restoration, noise reduction, and up-conversion so that consumers can receive an optimal digital entertainment experience in the home. The 4K Image Certified program is designed to assure consumers that content can be upscaled and rendered to deliver an amazing viewing experience on HD and 4K UHD devices.


The Marseille mCable

An example of a Technicolor 4K Image Certified product is the mCable product from Marseille Inc. The premium HDMI cable improves the entertainment experience by carefully processing each video pixel to enhance every detail of video content. The mCable works on SD, HD, and 4K TVs.  The mCable upscales 480P SD and 720P HD content to 1080P HD resolution.  It also upscales 1080P HD content to near native 4K resolution. The mCable is the perfect solution for 4K TV owners who want to experience the full benefit of their TVs, but are frustrated by the lack of 4K content and/or lack of bandwidth to support 4K content streaming.


Offering a Path to Premium Offerings to Original Equipment Manufacturers

Technicolor 4K Image Certified offers device manufacturers the opportunity to clearly differentiate their products from those of competitors. It is a cost-effective option for showing consumers that their devices can deliver premium HD and UHD viewing and entertainment experiences.

The Technicolor 4K Image Certified program helps manufacturers deliver optimized visual and entertainment experiences via their devices through:

  • Certification
  • Marketing support
  • Retail training


Providing Consumers with Clear and Confident Access to High-Quality 4K Options

Consumers can enjoy the optimum HD and UHD viewing experiences with devices that are Technicolor 4K Image Certified. It allows consumers to use their 480P SD TVs and 720P HD TVs to enjoy premium 1080P HD content without investing in a 1080P TV. Meanwhile, 4K TV owners can use 4K Image Certified products – such as the Marseille mCable – to expand library of content that can take advantage of 4K TV features.


Delivering Exceptional Entertainment Experiences

Technicolor has developed its 4K Image Certified program to help consumers identify premium devices that are capable of delivering exceptional entertainment experiences by upscaling content to HD or UHD. Technicolor’s 4K Image Certified provides consumers with the ability to maximize the library of content that can take advantage of the most advanced viewing features that are available on next generation TVs.

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