Technicolor Color Certified

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Technicolor Color Certified Ensures Color Accuracy for Devices

Devices that are Technicolor Color Certified devices are tested and verified during the manufacturing process to meet strict standards for color accuracy. This process makes it possible for consumers to be assured that their devices – PC monitors, notebooks, all-in-ones, and tablets – display accurate, Hollywood-quality color.  Every Technicolor Color Certified device meets the same strict standards for color gamut, white point, sRGB balance and gamma as those used in Hollywood and throughout the media and entertainment industries. 

With colors rendered in ITU-R Recommendation BT.709 – for film and video or sRGB for digital photography, web development and web browsing – the Technicolor Color Certified specification ensures consistent, accurate color that preserves the intent of content creators.  This allows consumers to enjoy online shopping, photography/videography, gaming and entertainment experiences with the knowledge that they are viewing accurate color.

Strengthening the Relationship Between Original Equipment Manufacturers and Consumers

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) – Although color displays have been around for decades, Technicolor is the first and only company to offer a color certification program for consumer devices. OEMs can use the Technicolor Color Certified program to create product differentiation, stimulate consumer preference, and increase margins.  For the first time anywhere, device manufacturers can assure their customers that what is shown on the display is exactly what was intended by the people who created the content.  All consumers have to do is to look for Technicolor Color Certified.
    Technicolor has teamed up with Portrait Displays -- a leading supplier of color control software for computer and tablet displays – to develop the Technicolor Color Certified program. Technicolor developed the specification and program so that OEMs can objectively test and certify:
    • PC monitors
    • Laptops
    • All-in-Ones
    • Tablets
  • Consumers – Everybody enjoys the viewing experience afforded by today’s broad array of consumer entertainment devices. However, there is one problem that even high-end devices have not adequately addressed: color inconsistency.  Whether it’s an oddly washed-out scene in a favorite film, photographs that appear oversaturated – or when blue throw pillows that were purchased online turn out to be purple when delivered – color accuracy is key to a premium viewing (and shopping) experience. 

About the Technicolor Color Certified Process

The Technicolor Color Certified program defines strict specifications for devices’ color gamut, gamma, color fidelity, white point and backlight brightness that equal the quality of today's Blu-ray™ discs (ITU-R Recommendation BT.709).  

The certification process begins when manufacturers sign up for the program and submit products for certification. Technicolor's partner Portrait Displays runs the product through a large number of tests in its certification labs.

The Technicolor Color Certified process collects detailed device characterization data captured during the manufacturing process – including color gamut, gamma response, white point setting, color fidelity, and backlight brightness.  The data is compared against the Technicolor Color Certified specification to determine if the device meets the certification criteria. 

The certification process then applies OEM-branded Portrait Displays’ software to make any necessary device adjustments to ensure color accuracy. Devices that pass the certification process are entitled to use the Technicolor Color Certified brand mark on their marketing materials when paired with Portrait Displays’ proprietary software.

Color Certification Process

How Does It Work?

Learn how Technicolor Color Certified can help you strengthen product differentiation, drive consumer preference and increase margins.

Color Accurate Video Display

See The True Colors That Content Creators Intended For Their Movies And Videos

Consumers can now enjoy movies and videos on their PC monitors, notebooks, all-in-ones, tablets, and smartphones with all the vibrancy, shading, color nuance and precise hues intended by the content creators.

Color Accurate E-commerce

What You See Is What You Get

Dramatically reduce customer dissatisfaction and returns because of color discrepancies in online shopping. Thanks to color-accurate product presentation, consumers can finally rest assured that the color they see on their displays matches the color of the physical product they’re purchasing online.

 Color Accurate Photo Capture

What You Capture Is What You See.

By using Technicolor Color Certified displays, photographers can be certain that the colors they capture in a photo are true to the colors of the actual object being photographed.

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