Sylvain Dupuis - Re-recordist - Technicolor Montreal

Sylvain Dupuis

Re-recordist - Versioning

Group:Sound Re-recording Mixers


As a re-recordist in Technicolor Montreal’s versioning studios, Sylvain Dupuis has worked on many French versions of Pixar’ animated films.

While Sylvain Dupuis’ personal motto is “Good things come to those who wait”, he did not have to wait long to join Technicolor in 1998, only one year after his first experience as an assistant mixer and re-recordist in a small post production studio. He was immediately assigned to dialogue editing, spending three years in the position before becoming a re-recordist for versioning projects.

Sylvain recently worked on movies such as Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, John Carter and Battleship, but he is particularly fond of Pixar animated films. In fact, he has worked on most of the French versions of the famous studio’s productions, and he can say without hesitation that these experiences have been the highlights of his career so far.  

A number of artistic influences enrich Sylvain’s work, ranging from the classical composer Mahler and Coltrane’s jazz to Coldplay’s pop music. His favorite film? A tie between two classics: La Dolce Vita and Cinéma Paradiso.

In his free time, Sylvain loves to listen to music (everything from Mike Patton to Björk), play tennis, ski and meet up with friends at his favorite restaurant in Montreal: Téquiria Mex, on St-Laurent street. But he also likes to discover new things, and if he had a million dollars, he would surely spend much of it on traveling!