Trust Technicolor to provide you with the highest-quality and most cost-effective workflow in the industry. Our color scientists work closely with productions to create personalized digital workflows that best complement your specific production requirements.

Our global front-end teams are composed of leading engineers, software developers, dailies timers, data management staff, and color scientists who harness our most recent innovations and technology that will get you smoothly through principal photography and into post-production.

Key Capabilities:

  • Customized workflows for camera/recording/post-production efficiency
  • Technicolor color science support
  • Mobile Digital Lab and Theater for complete location services
  • Global Dailies, 3D dailies, and on-set playback
  • Expert support for premiere screenings, including talent and equipment
  • On-Location services for pre-production and production needs


On Location Services

The highly sought-after talent, engineers and innovators at our Hollywood On Location Services use new proprietary software to automate the digital dailies workflow and render deliverables effortlessly -- regardless of your camera file.

DP Lights

Technicolor presents the 3rd generation of its patented DP Lights. Based on Technicolor color-science and engineering, the newest incarnation has an array of innovative features to meet the demands of your project.​

Digital Dailies & Deliverables

Digital Dailies & Deliverables

Our digital dailies management systems guarantee optimal efficiency and controlled costs, while reducing data transfer between different devices. Whichever platform you are planning to use for editorial (Avid, Final Cut Pro, etc), and regardless of how many deliverables you require, Technicolor guarantees the integrity of your material and the security of your data in.

Color Science & Workflow Management

Color Science & Workflow Management

Our award-winning and industry-leading color scientists work with the pre-production team to develop a customized workflow for your content. We offer solutions that efficiently manage your project and control costs while providing the highest level of digital expertise.