with Technicolor’s cable, satellite, IPTV and OTT set-top boxes

Innovation in our DNA

Consistently first-to-market with innovative Connected Home technologies and services, Technicolor is working to deliver the technology of tomorrow in all our devices.

Technicolor cutting-edge video technology helps Service Providers create new content experiences. Our innovative approach ranges from 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range and DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS integration to antenna design and open software.

Quality and On-Time Delivery

With powerful sourcing capabilities and efficient operations, Technicolor Connected Home offers a full array of best-practices in project execution and program management. Customers everywhere can depend on our flexible, scalable supply chain to ensure quality and on-time delivery.

Partnership Pledge

As a committed partner in every technology transition, we are fully dedicated to our customer success. As thought leaders, we are uniquely qualified to help SPs make the right decisions and map the right strategies.   With key relationships and expertise at every stage in the value chain -- from content creation to consumption -- we offer the best partner ecosystem to extend Service Provider’s reach.


Satellite Set-top Boxes

Our satellite set-top boxes are fully equipped and optimized to offer premium 4K Ultra HD video and advanced home networking solutions, 3D graphics, combo satellite and terrestrial reception or easy transition to HDTV.

Cable Set-top Boxes

Our range of cable set-top boxes covers a complete portfolio from simple converters for a smooth transition to digital TV and HDTV, to high-end future-proof set-top boxes that include 4K Ultra HD solutions, multi-screen, wireless video streaming or DOCSIS 3.1 media servers.

IPTV Set-Top Boxes

All of our next-generation IPTV set-top boxes are highly flexible to deliver digital video, multi-room services, DVR functions and interactive services over IP networks.

OTT Set-top Boxes

Our Over-The-Top set-top boxes are based on innovative and highly integrated hardware solutions allowing best-in-class antenna reception and ultra-compact design.


Our Wi-Fi certified networking accessories are designed to collect data and video content from your Gateway and distribute it seamlessly throughout the home and office.