As digitalization of services continues to increase, the complexity of the technology incorporated into products and networks continues to grow significantly. Our Professional Services are designed to help you meet these challenges and secure the health of your business.

Technicolor ranks among the worlds’ leading suppliers of advanced video service delivery and home access solutions for telecom, cable, TV operators and service providers. The goal of our Professional Services is to help you:

  • Secure operations
  • Increase subscriber satisfaction
  • Develop new services

Our Professional Services team is uniquely positioned to ensure every project is a success, from initial provisioning and professional integration to operations, upgrades, on-going support, evolution change, software maintenance – and beyond.


Hardware Device Provider

Technicolor has a long history as a hardware provider, with expertise in sourcing, procurement, and manufacturing, as well as after-sales service. As a hardware device provider, Technicolor offers three types of services.

Software Service Provider

Technicolor designs, develops, validates and maintains software. We work with third parties and major technology vendors in order to bring the best solutions to market. We also support NSPs during tests, validation, integration, and deployments. Technicolor develops software solutions that meet market demands.

System Integrator & Solution Service Provider

Technicolor provides NSPs with expertise in project management, system integration and the Connected Home industry. Our services help you stay ahead of the competition.