by delivering high performance telco access solutions for Hybrid IP, xDSL and Fiber (GPON) networks

Consistently first-to-market with innovative Connected Home technologies and services, Technicolor is working to deliver the technology of tomorrow in all our devices. From the very start, we have been a frontrunner in introducing several groundbreaking innovations such as:

  • First gateway
  • First wireless receiver
  • First Wi-Fi n gateway
  • First DLNA certified gateway
  • First digital/DVB set-top box

Our various product ranges are ideally suited to form an integrated ecosystem of devices, services and apps, to enrich your offerings. We leverage our expertise in advanced technologies, software, and services, to select and recommend solutions that maximize end-user satisfaction and minimize operator costs.



  • Extensive telco portfolio ranging from Hybrid IP to xDSL to Fiber to LTE, including IP content services
  • Long-established expertise & innovations in home networking technologies such as Wi-Fi, MoCA, DLNA, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Leading 4K Ultra HD and next generation video technologies such as High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Major deployments featuring Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Whole-home DVR and multi-room functions
  • Expert leader in security and open software solutions, introducing value-added services & apps Advanced remote management capabilities


Telco Gateways

Our rich portfolio of xDSL, Fiber, Ethernet and LTE gateways enables high-speed and ultra-speed wireless access, VoIP and triple-play services and premium applications and services while guaranteeing the highest Quality of Service.

IPTV Set-Top Boxes

All of our next-generation IPTV set-top boxes are highly flexible to deliver digital video, multi-room services, DVR functions and interactive services over IP networks.

OTT Set-top Boxes

Our Over-The-Top set-top boxes are based on innovative and highly integrated hardware solutions allowing best-in-class antenna reception and ultra-compact design.


Our Wi-Fi certified networking accessories are designed to collect data and video content from your Gateway and distribute it seamlessly throughout the home and office.

IoT Devices

Technicolor’s range of Connected Life devices includes communication/media tablets and digital life hubs.

Business Access Solutions

As global market leader in DSL CPE, Technicolor boasts a reliable range of business modems & gateways specifically designed for corporate, SMEs and SOHOs