Our Artificial Intelligence Laboratory specializes in conceiving of new techniques to offer users personalized digital content, while simultaneously ensuring ease of use and privacy. We also find better ways to measure and optimise user interaction and engagement with digital content.

Intelligent Systems

Entertainment has changed more in the last 10 years, than in the previous 100 years. The rise of cloud, mobile, and streaming technologies create data challenges at a gigantic scale for both content creation and content consumption.
The Technicolor AI Lab creates new solutions and academic research in the areas of deep learning, optimization, ubiquitous computing, and statistical machine learning. These solutions help enhance the user experience with entertainment content, mine the large collections of user content consumption data, and optimize the creation of new entertainment via workflow insights.
We are at the intersection of Entertainment and A.I.


Check out some of the amazing projects that our Scientists are working on to push the boundaries of learning for content creation and experience

Naveen Goela, Shahab Hamidi-Rad


Intelligent Systems

Using our newly developed device, we identify lights based on their variations in high-frequency switching and therefore home localization would no longer need specialized infrastructure. This technology would eventually be integrated into future mobile phones to ease indoor localization.