Through our Paris-based facilities in Boulogne, Technicolor provides our renowned Entertainment Services to clients throughout France. Both of these facilities are equipped with the most skilled professionals and advanced equipment, and offer image, sound, digital conversion, and distributions services for the theatrical and broadcast markets.  

Our global network of services supports clients throughout the entire content chain, from capture and enhancement, through management and mastering, all the way through to digital distribution to any device.

Front End

Technicolor France provides Front End support for film and television productions, offering digital front end solutions from data capture through to delivery.

Picture Post

Technicolor post-production services in Paris include color, editing, and design & graphics for TV, feature film and independent productions.


Technicolor Sound Services in Boulogne provide sound design, mixing, Foley and ADR services for French Features and TV productions. 

Digital Cinema

Technicolor digital cinema services in Paris help Major Motion Picture Studios and Independent filmmakers distribute digital content throughout the world.

Digital Distribution

Technicolor’s Digital Distribution services include transcoding, content preparation and management and digital distribution to any device or platform.