Technicolor is a leading creative technology company that in addition to enabling content creators and fostering open innovation, also offers a unique understanding of emerging technologies and entertainment industry workflows. In order to provide transparency and clarity in an ever-complex world of technology, the Technicolor Learning Center is available as a verified resource to answer all of your creative technology questions.

Whether the latest in Connected Life has you questioning how a house can be connected or if you’re curious about backwards compatibility in HDR and other next-generation technologies, The Technicolor Learning Center can answer your questions.

The Future of Storytelling:

Learn about entertainment industry production and post-production from the experts themselves. With handy infographics and FAQs (frequently asked questions), Technicolor offers guidance on the ins and outs of the future of storytelling including virtual reality and immersive experiences.

TLC Curriculum

HDR Learning Center

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is the next generation of imaging technologies that creates a more immersive cinematic experience. Visit the Technicolor Learning Center HDR page to see videos, a full HDR glossary, and more!