Vincent Alleaume - Researcher Rennes

Vincent Alleaume




Short Bio:

I started my professional career in 1993 with various activities related mainly to the data processing system of an insurance company (AXA). I obtained a Masters degree in computer science from Rouen University in 2006. In December 2005 I started working as a service provider for Thomson Corporate Research (now Technicolor Research & Innovation). I joined the company as a permanent researcher in April 2007.

Research interests:

Machine learning, gesture recognition, computer vision, network protocols.

List of achievements:

Recent activity has been related to the development of a gesture recognition system used to control a proof-of-concept Video On Demand application. That system, implemented in a Windows/C++ environment, combines simultaneous detection of hand(s) in various postures (open hand(s), closed fist(s)), an efficient tracking process and a simple but fast gesture recognition step.
Development of a Machine Learning environment (using boosting on Haar Features’ combination approach) : dedicated to the human face learning/detection. A related face detection client was implemented in Windows/C++. That environment was recently extended to help learning & detect other human body parts, such as eyes, open hands and closed fists, in a gesture recognition application.
WebTV service (server and client) using SIP/IMS network signaling : implemented in JAVA J2EE/J2SE on Windows/Linux operating systems and Windows mobiles phones.
File repair system for mobile devices in the context of wireless broadcast delivery (DVB-H) : implemented in C++ on Windows workstations and Windows Mobile 6.x phones.

Latest publications


Mixed Reality Extended TV

Matthieu Fradet, Vincent Alleaume, Caroline Baillard, Pierrick Jouet, Anthony Laurent, Tao Luo, Philippe Robert, Fabien Servant

December 12, 2016


Packet Loss in a DVB-H Network Christopher Howson

ICT Mobile Summit
June 11, 2008

Robust file casting for Mobile TV

International Broadcasting Convention (IBC)
September 01, 2007