Fabienne Brunet, Executive Vice President, Human Resources & Sustainability

“At Technicolor we consider our employees to be the company's most important asset and in our efforts to always be a responsible corporate citizen, we constantly strive to have our HR policies and programs reflect this philosophy as well as promote the role of each and every individual in contributing to good corporate and environmental stewardship.”


Technicolor’s Most Important Asset: Our People

Technicolor’s success depends on the energy, motivation, and talent of our people and the knowledge that every Technicolor employee is critical in fulfilling the company’s overall vision and strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. By always striving to invest in the compensation, diversity and inclusion, development, environmental awareness, and community involvement of our own employees, we aim to ensure that sustainable business practices are embedded in our organizational culture and included in decision-making concerning all our activities.

Comprised of a broad set of skilled individuals and teams from the communication, media, and entertainment industries, Technicolor’s worldwide workforce totals circa 17,000 people as of May 25, 2016.

Training and Equal Opportunities

We endeavor to provide training and equal opportunities to Technicolor people across the globe.

The four pillars of the Technicolor approach to human resources development provide the framework for the tools that have been put into place to manage our pool of talent. These four pillars are:

  • Talent
  • Culture
  • Development
  • Retention of key people

Human resources initiatives for our people range from talent reviews, job grading, and remuneration programs, to skills mapping, employee referrals, and training programs.

Diversity at Technicolor

With our ever-expanding international profile, diversity has become one of our most valuable assets. We leverage the diversity of our workforce, as well as our partners, customers, and communities, to drive innovation and to further our understanding of our diverse customers. The Corporate Social Responsibility Department has identified diversity as a unique opportunity and development axis, with a particular focus on gender and ethnic diversity and opportunities for senior workers.