At Technicolor, we seek to ensure that sustainability issues are taken into consideration at every stage of the lifecycle of our products and services. This involves working very closely with our suppliers to ensure that the highest standards possible are maintained as it relates to ethics, human rights, labor rights, health and safety and the environment across the entire supply chain.

Supplier Involvement

"Sustainable supply chain management is integral to robust corporate citizenship. To ensure that our guidelines and policies are well understood and respected, Technicolor proactivly engages with key electronics manufacturing partners and conducts regular audits to assess compliance with environmental and social regulations and practices on a worldwide basis."

As part of its Code of Ethics and its procurement policy, the Connected Home Division has a comprehensive set of guidelines which cover every aspect of the environmental, health, and safety policies of every factory that contributes to its products - whether it is a Technicolor plant or that of a supplier. These policies are designed to ensure that everything within the finished product is produced according to best practice and is fully compliant with Technicolor’s Code of Ethics.

Complementing this, we have contractual agreements in place with our suppliers to ensure that they are also compliant with the company’s Code of Ethics. The products themselves are made in accordance with all applicable laws and without the use of selected, restricted and controlled hazardous materials, and comply precisely with their aim of being energy efficient in use.

This involves Technicolor specialists visiting suppliers to conduct a “green audit” of every manufacturing plant. The audit will validate the plant’s own compliance assurance system by spot-checking the plant, the manufacturing cycle, and the components and materials used.



About Conflict Minerals

Technicolor, like many other companies, is aware that electronic products and components purchased from suppliers may contain certain minerals originating from conflict-affected countries, specifically Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, and Gold (“3TG Conflict Minerals”).

As part of Technicolor’s overall commitment to corporate social responsibility, Technicolor is committed to ensure that 3TG Conflict Minerals contained in its products are sourced with due respect to human rights and, therefore, Technicolor seeks to avoid directly or indirectly any use of 3TG Conflict Minerals.