2013 Networked & Electronic Media Summit

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Conference - Nantes
October 28, 2013 - October 30, 2013
The 6th edition of the Networked & Electronic Media (NEM) Summit, held from October 28-30 in Nantes, France
Technicolor at 2013 NEM Summit

The 2013 NEM Summit edition ‘Implementing Future Media Internet towards New Horizons Maximizing the global value of Content, Media and Networks’ will include:

  • Investment & Entrepreneurship Forum : organized under the aegis of the European Commission (DG CONNECT) to support interaction between entrepreneurs and investors and to encourage transfer of research results to innovation, spin offs and entrepreneurs.
  • Creative@NEM : made of several events namely the NEM Summit Hackathon, NEMart & logo contest and the Open Platform workshop, aiming at facilitating stronger connection between the NEM constituency and the creative industries, for their highest mutual benefit.
  • Diverse Data Innovation Workshop : brings together the best European SME and corporate innovators currently working with diverse forms of big, open and integrated data.

Details on the event structure, agenda and keynote speakers are now available on the NEM Summit website. NEM is organizing this year a Hackaton with teams coming from England, from the Nantes design school and from IRCAM.


Technicolor, sponsor of the NEM summit event, chair of the NEM ETP, will be represented through:

  • The presentation of 2 technical papers :
    • Content-Adaptive Color Transform For HEVC (Philippe Bordes)
    • A Self-organizing Isolated Anomaly Detection Architecture for Large Scale Systems (Erwan Le Merrer)
  • A Technicolor booth with 3 demos :
    • Dynamic Ad Insertion (Jean Le Roux): “This demo presents a targeted ad-inlaying approach for a VoD platform. Ad-inlaying consists in inserting ads as textures or objects within a video, in contrast to classical video advertising that interrupts the video to show ad-sequences. With ad inlaying, ads cannot be skipped as being part of the content itself. The classical ad-inlaying pipeline (done in postproduction phase) has been revisited so as to enable on the fly targeted ad insertion using cloud infrastructures. The demo shows that different users will be proposed different ads inlayed in a same video.”
    • Eye Gazed based Human Computer Interface (Christel Chamaret): “Designed in the context of an exploratory project, we demonstrate different applications related to the estimation of the user gaze (e.g. where people look) by taking advantage of our free-head gaze estimation. From a low-cost camera, as simple as a webcam, and by means of sophisticated eye center and direction algorithms, the non-intrusive and calibration free system infers in real-time the user gaze.  The eye is thus considered as a new interface with the screen and the A/V content.”
    • Qeo demo (Stéphane Szymanski)
  • A dedicated workshop organized by the FI-Content 2: project from the European Future Internet initiative and led by Technicolor.
  • Subjects submitted by FI-Content 2 project for the Hackaton on :
    • social connected TV
    • smart city guide
    • pervasive games